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Training Abilities?

Hey all, I've had a big problem with abilities when playing ranger. I decided to pop a heroic wisdom, to help bring them up, but 15 minutes of auto attacking only got me 38 points, and that's with 30% haste and a nub 2500 speed bow. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I've never had this problem wit...

Which Quiver?

Hello, just a question about quivers At level 150, I plan on going to a strength build, with skills based on auto damage With that said, I'd like to ask which quiver would be best I have a feeling that the pierce/30% speed/strength quiver will be a lot better with a strength build, but I'm not sure....

Re: 180+ Spear

I wouldn't go spear ranger. Makes most of your skills useless, and takes away the one true advantage a ranger has - ranged attacks

Re: Heroic ammy gone

StoneFromMorrigan wrote:Why do the have a level 35 req now?

So a level one can't use one to get invincible PvP rank, I guess. Idk, your guess is as good as mine.

I knew it was coming though, so I bought all the heroics I could from other players. Going on 4 sets ;)

Lizard king vs opal?

Hey all, so I'm trying to figure out which to use between the two mentioned in the title Now, if you take the speed of the bows, multiply it by .3 (for haste) subtract that number from original speed, and divide that by the damage, it gives you a rough estimate of how much dps the bow its self does....

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