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Re: Jewelry Advice

Ventius wrote:The frost set is really nice for leveling. Id recommend jolding onto it until atleast level 180. Then you could either buy an eldrich amulet of valour or just wait until 200 and buy the runic version

Ah okay cheers,I'll hold onto it for a bit longer then aha :)

Re: Any Musicians here?

I've been playing piano since I was 4 (so 27 years) and I was a Vocal Music education major at university. Currently a church musician and accompanist, and sometimes post acapella covers on YouTube. Also occasionally muck about with guitar (I only know like four chords) and viola (I'm really quite ...

Re: Wyrmbane

sunn wrote:o la la sooo emmmotional as uusuall

If you're trying to cause a fight on my post just stop, it's pointless and immature.

Jewellery Advice

Hi Recently I've recieved offers on the frostroot set (Jalan 150) that I own, and im not sure whether to sell it on and use the money to buy a better set. If so, what set or individual pieces should I be looking for? I'm currently lvl162, 2k hp and 1k mana. Ive never been good with the jewellery sid...

Re: Wyrmbane

their clan leader sold them for gear to cowz At least give correct info if you want to trash talk. Trevin, the clan leader, had real life hit him with some crazy hours at work and stuff and just didn't have the time to dedicate to the game. Ya Tev was a good guy, always sad to see a clan leader go

Re: Wyrmbane

Yes I was so sad about Wyrmbane! I went back to Fingal after retiring to check up on what my clan has been up to and I found out that the clan died. I miss them so much they were so nice. Also if any former Wyrmbane remember me (I was goldenwolves hmu!! I believe Im still in the clan. Aaa same here...

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