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Re: Str or dext

Defo would say dex at that lvl, most of your skills are dex based. Though I wouldn't be too stingy on the str, since you dont want your autos to be nil

Re: New to fingal

Hi! You could always try Blackfyre, we're a quickly growing clan with many 200+ toons that are always willing to help with anything from bounties to bosses. We're not allowed to sell drops above frozen (unless you bought them from AH already i think), but they're either handed out to whoever attende...

Re: Any Musicians here?

leeshia35 wrote:I'm huge fan of music. I play acoustic guitar, some electric and learning the drums from my buddy from time to time.

Guitar is the god tier instrument :lol:
Drums are cool too!

Re: Wyrmbane

drag0nrider27 wrote:Issas back... Yay! :D
Maybe I should come back too XD

Yaay i am back!
Please do come back permanently ;)

Re: Any Musicians here?

I've been playing piano since I was 4 (so 27 years) and I was a Vocal Music education major at university. Currently a church musician and accompanist, and sometimes post acapella covers on YouTube. Also occasionally muck about with guitar (I only know like four chords) and viola (I'm really quite ...

Re: Any Musicians here?

Any musicians lurking out there in the murky depths of this forum? Just want to see if anyone plays an instrument or smth, bc i obviously cant be the only one I play e guitar, though im going to expand to bass soon Cheers - Issa I play any brass instrument-main trombone, alternate-baritone, French ...

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