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Re: Favourite CH Memories?

I miss everything about CH when i first started many moons ago. Not knowing where I was on the map and getting lost constantly, always levelling in big groups especially on lirs boss adds (completely forgot the names if anyone can remind me, the ones that dropped the big weapons). My first end game...

Re: Favourite CH Memories?

My favorite memory was when i was leader of crimsonbloods on Arawn around 2015-2016 me and my clannies was bored and lol threw the first ever all clans welcome party and everyone actually came and these 2 noobs mid level girls started fighting over one of my clan members and we made them take it to...

Re: Xfer to Here :)

Sly Shadows wrote:Ive never been a middleman but il totally try it :o

Idk anyone xferring to fingal though, not one u see usually. :(

Thanks dude :)
I hope someone does want to go to Fingal lol, if not I can just farm like hell to make my money again

Xfer to Here :)

Hi Arawn I'm looking for someone who can help me transfer around 500k from Fingal to here, also would like a trusted middleman to oversee that everything goes well :) If you have any recommendations please comment or pm me on here, or mail me in game on either server (my name is Issartri on both ser...

Re: Hello all =)

Welcome to the game and the forums! :)
The Nuada subforum (at the bottom of the index page) should have a lot of information about your server, and you can always check the other world's pages to see if any others are suitable, but from what I've heard, Nuada doesn't seem to be too bad ;)

Re: Mount/pet simultaneously

Yep it is completely possible to equip both at the same time Unless you mean the old mounts (boars, horses ect) and 'companion' pets (bone hawk thingys and the crows), which were in the game before the stables tab was around, and are equipped in the mainhand weapon slot, (only one at a time) Though ...

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