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Re: Black Friday

I wish it was like old times, before the days of tokens for everything and where cool rare items where found in chests. These days I dont have any incentive to buy plat or chests much anymore. The dragon pets are nice, but the one in a million chance or whatever insanely low drop rate its set at mak...

Re: Harrassment/bullying?

Why would expect OTM to do anything about this? It ensures people need to buy more lixs and hence is good for the ongoing upkeep of the game. The fact that players leave just means a new crop will come thro and contribute to the cycle. I highly doubt that many more "new crops" are on the ...

Re: Ranger Advice?

Rangers are only slow to level if you go strength; if you go dex they are on par with pretty much everything else. If built right you can even level fairly quick. What I am going to tell you will be nay sayed by the peanut gallery but try it out first and see for yourself. For the 1st 3/4 of all you...

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