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Re: Ranger Without Str

I'm currently running a dex build at 122 and love it for leveling and farming $$. What I do isn't for everyone because it's a different play style. I try to stack dex to get the most out of defense. I dodge hits like a rabbit. Dex is the stat used for the skills I use in my build. I use entangle, de...


I'm looking for royal and grand rings of defensive spikes. I'm trying to make some $$ for event stuff so I'm selling a few things if I get a fair price. -golden shrink -golden growth -all colors wayfarers -radiant black phyrigian cap -midsummer bracelets -skeleton charm -lots of pages and low level ...

Returning player

Hello, I used to play Celtic heroes very frequently in 2012 on the Taranis server. My main character was a ranger named Stinkypants. I have looked everywhere for my old account info and can't find it. I don't know if inactive accounts get deleated or if it can be recovered but I would love to play m...

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