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Re: Class balance

I think that the classes, besides druid, are balanced, it really just depends on who the person behind the screen is. some people stat and skill their toons differently, I have found the perfect balance for my mage and have top gear so im pretty op, if people have op gear then of course its going to...

Re: Drew for fun

[quote="IssartriTheRanger"]:0 everyone on this forums is brilliant at art.
Definately you!
(whoa you can draw glen, my attempt looked like a potato :3)

Haha thank you ! :)

Re: Warning

ReedHammer wrote:Don't forget the one that I have been a victim of more than once. Where the player puts ability elixirs instead of experience elixirs. Please, check the name and description when buying them as they are different prices!

That happened to me about a year ago.

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