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Re: My Noob Opinion Fire Vs Ice Mage

Im a 182 Ice Mage, my skills that are maxed at 50 are- ice shards, ice blast, e shield, and my freeze is at 44, lure at 27, frostbite at 23. I can freeze up to level 230, and with this skills beat many 200+ even 230s. Using freeze as a main skill is great for pvp AND lixing, that way when a mob spaw...

Re: Tavern needs spice....

Its the little things that make games that little bit more special. I personally hated the samhain night but thats not to say others wont. Ill be keeping my eye out in future updates for these features XD Added to the Muldar list ;) Optional Night Mode Farcrag Castle Christmas Tree Samhain Flying F...

Re: Update

Muldar wrote:Will try to give sufficient warning this time around :)

Once we get submitted I'll try to get a timeline going.

awesome. thanks!


Will you let us know about 24 hours before the update via email, twitter, forum news? I just wanna be prepared :lol:

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