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Re: Yule 2015 lux

No 200+ player gets a full stargem set unless A) they're nub or B) they're too poor to buy lix (and aura bonus doesn't cover energy costs anyways). Just get the ammy, a hrung brace, and a valour ring. Cheaper and much better anyways Lol where did this come from? I thought we were comparing old star...

Re: Yule 2015 lux

Personally, the only thing that keeps this set in the game is the aura. But seriously, my comparison of the str ammies between stargem. 200 str, 120 cold dmg, 600 attack(?) lvl 150 req, vs 150 str, 150 dex/vit, 300 attack/defense. In truth, that 150 str will only add about 50 actuall dmg to ur norm...

Re: Yule 2015 lux

Just a comparison so people can see the data side by side, i do agree and see your point about a straight tank or dps build. Same hp out of both but gain 10 hp regen and armor bonus, guess you have to weigh how much diff the extra damage,attack, and defense vs 10 regen and 170 armor. Even a tank sho...

Re: Yule 2015 lux

Stargem vs new lux for warrior New lux Regen = 125hp/85energy Stats = 250 str 100 dex 100 focus 300 vit 500 health 400 def 100 heat damage 400 slashing damage to nearby enemies spell Cost = 2.7 mil Stargem Regen =135hp/55energy Stats= 300 vit 500 health 400 def 170 armor 300 wounding spell Cost = 4-...

Re: Thoughts on new lux

I also thought it was odd you couldnt wear the hp brace with the energy brace.

I agree stargem is great as a set, individually it depends. A stargem amulet alone imo doesnt seem as good as the new lux amulet. But i guess it all depends.

Thoughts on new lux

I wasnt able to find much and was wondering what people thought about it? Seems to me to be good, especially for the price. Im a regen junky and thought the regen was quite high even though it specialized. And the added heat damage too. Just wondering other peoples perspective is on how it compares ...

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