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Re: Corrupted Gardens, leaked?

Don't think he is a criminal at all I think it's genius how he figured out how to do it, yes it may be wrong in doing so but the guy did you all a favour by giving you what otm couldn't or didn't want to get so appreciate his work to some extent. I think the update looks great and can't wait to try ...

Re: Dragon pet

1) The tic will not crit, if we were to add this the skill would require a re-balance. 2) Only the initial cast of the skill will have a chance to increase the ability. Ticks on the DoT will not, other skills will not affect this. Can the tic please increase ability because training ability is goin...

Dragon pet

Just a few questions. 1) does the tic on dragon skill have the chance to crit? If not why not make it as all other skills the have a tick? 2) does the tic on the dragon skill increase pet ability such as other skills like strangling vines and stinging swarm? If not can we please have it to increase ...

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