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Re: Warrior Luxury Items

It's completely up to u as far as one handed or two handed but shield wise many higher lv player have heroic rejuv so they don't need it from the shield and they go with might shield of crowns because helps with the health regen

Re: Builds

the best thing to do would to put the points into strength and dex but keep the strength at a minimum of 20 lvls above dex. as for bow you should go with the icelord bow. and for skills the best 6 IMO are: bolas sharp shot light heal rapid shot steady aim barbed shot these skills are the best we ha...

Re: Write a poem or rap here!

If its a challenge you make Then it's a challenge I take I'm glad your upfront not being a fake But there's one thing you should know the PvP field is mine Ya'll be coming after me like I commited a crime But I won't run I make my stand And you'll run in fear as I mark you with my DrPepper brand I'...

Re: Write a poem or rap here!

Imma really crappy rappa so I just wanna say Keep mean comments to ya self cuz I'm just here to play Pep schooled taeo like he was a frickin professor At a college pwnin a stupid schizo cross dressa when pep drops a rhyme taeo's out on the run Cuz peps bazooka rhymes make his look like a squirt gun...

Re: First video from update 3!

Wowowowowowo!!!!!! I kinda wanna make a mage cause of the animation of the firebolt... But uhhhmm can someone plz tell me what game that video was on becausd it sais celtic heroes but that must be new?!?!?! Btw great work devs I havent been playing since the beginning so I havent seen it all but wit...

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