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New World

Hi Belenus, GingerKing here and i was thinking about making a new character here in Belenus, i will be buying plats to get myself started off and making a rogue well for fast leveling lol... Just some additional information if you guys could please fill me in... 1) What do idols usually go for here ...

Re: Server down..??

I dont think it is they most likely would have gave a warning maybe idk... But i have same problem :( if admin could post thatd be great...

And by servers going down we broke a forums record :) 130 online at same time


Lughs Team:

Ricktor Lv 102 Warrior
SHADOWKRAR Lv 101 Warrior
Royce01 Lv 100 Warrior
Toycat Lv 98 Druid
D3MON Lv 94 Rogue
Azzsaver Lv 96 Druid
Darvsitemhold Lv 92 Rogue

Sry if some of these are a Lv or two off because i didnt look before i posted :P

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