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Beta Testers

Hey admin I just wanted to make sure that after u pick who is goin to be beta testers and send them all a notification, that u would at least post a new topic on forums telling that u already made ur choices This would help a lot that way whoever dosent get picked is waiting for a notification forev...



Silver Amulet of Rejuvenation - Will sell for 85,000

Golden Blade of Battle - 50,000


Ancient Plate Breastplate - Offer in comments or pm me ingame

Golden axe of Carnage - Offer in comments or pm me ingame

Re: This game needs more active Druids!

Lol this posy has completely went off topic but I agree with all the experienced druids that have posted here... I have a lv 62 warrior and ya its fun bht dosent even compare to bring as fun as my druid and.its only lv 30.. I dont see really the point in spending 200k on heroic rejuv because I only ...

Re: about tanks

When you tank obviously you are focusing on raising your vit, but how ddo u guys hit with 5 strenght just wondering cause its been bothering me lol and would it be logical to tank with a 1 handed sword if you are only using 5 strength?

Golden Axe of Carnage

hi everyone,

i was just wondering if i could get some feedback on the golden axe of carnage by someone that has used it already

this would be very helpful to me because im building a DPS warrior and i just wanna make sure i am making the right choice
thx everyone

Re: Arrow quiver

I agree with all of u 100% But i have a feeling this is not their biggest of worries atm...as many know they are working on those new updates and i personally fell that they are doing alot in this new update, and that this may cause unnecessary stress on the devs trying to get it all in before they ...

Re: Luxury items for sale

[quote="Killer10003"]I sell some luxury items:
Golden amulet of rejuvation only 100k
Golden gloves of haste 75k
Golden Boots of Speed 75k

If u want them Trade with me
Im Lichtkrieger in the Clan PHOENIX lvl 83+[/quote
u still selling golden ammy?

Re: Lugh Needs People

are u serious? lugh is over run by players. i dont know what timezone you are in but stonevale is bursting out the sides its that full. any mob that spawns is killed in seconds. also bosses are dead in minutes of its spawn. lugh is packed. have u walked around catas shale and stone? people everywhe...

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