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Hi all rangers, Just wanted to know from some more experienced rangers how to set up a nicely built ranger... Havent really had much experience with them but I feel that they would be really fun, and when u lv they are great dpsers!!!!(ive seen them take agro from dps warriors before) So jjst hoping...

Re: writing colour

I really hate this because there has been people in lugh not gonna mention any names snipersops tjat make it look like they are whispering to everyone but use other peoples IGN and spread perverted comments and so on

Re: Feedback plz

I was just wondering if thereel was anything I wasnt doing that I should be as far as stats for my build and so on...

The money I make is all due to clan

Feedback plz

Hi all, Just wanted some feedback from more experoenced players than me on how I am currently doing... I am building someone of a mix that is more tank focused but not.completely heres how I am currently doing: Lv 82 Mix stats: Attributes: 50,50,30,300 and this gives me about only 2k health which is...

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