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Re: Mighty Frost Bow.

Kokurou wrote:
Natalia2 wrote:
**Medalofhonor** wrote:I need the bow._.

For you I'd gladly take 100k.

I wouldve bought it for 200k just so he wouldnt have it lol


Re: Can't get on my world

I try to log onto Rhiannon but rhiannon and a few other worlds are locked, I've tried multiple times and only those worlds seems to be locked. Can someone help me. I think this problem will get fixed when the new summer update gets released. some other people are having the same issue. Give more de...

Re: Curry30423

Curry I just found someone that claims to have more chickens than you. It was 3000 A great nub once said, "their bodies may belong to you, but their souls belong to curry"._. Speaking of Souls. I sold one of my Frost event bows for a wopping 150k. I...I.. I WANTED THAT:-( Who was the newb...

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