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Re: Buy/Sell Thread

Buying golden quiver of fire or ice
Buying quiver of the beast Fire or ice
Buying quiver of the wild fire or ice
Buying ring of haste

Buying dex amulet(message my igc)
In game character: GameOfThrows
Mail me in game or message me on forum so we can have a trade-

Re: Problem with sreng

BlackMamba wrote:Lower clans will no longer be getting sreng 6 kills.

Not the case. Lower clans have players around the same level as the boss they are locking. A full stack of level 180 Rouges will lock it faster than a stack of 220 rogues

Re: Druids...Unliked?!

You want atraighr answer? Druids suck. Bad at everything exept supporting at bosses want a better answer? the guy im quoting obviously does not know anything about the dang class. druids are amazing. there damage like you said is damage over time. and what takes time? bosses. I have seen druids get...

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