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Have a few question

Hey, I have had a galaxy S5 for a while but never played game on the android servers. Im thinkin about buying plat here and im curious about prices of the basic stuff. LIXS sk, sc, hk, haste? BOOSTS Sigs, pots, idols? WARDEN each disc, full metric for a rogue/warrior? Thanks for the help. I look for...

Re: 613mb

More content = bigger filesize :) Which is why you shoulda just added more content in the existing areas instead of following the same old pattern of adding a new area when people get bored . I would hope this is the last area expansion otm does . Why? More areas are always fun to explore, also the...

Re: Game time: twisted words!

do a quote of someone, but instead of posting that, twist their words [to praise and thank "The Devils Fire" for all he has done" Example: [the devils fire is the greatest and most op guy ever 8-) .] TIP: to start a new quote, do [quote="(name)".] without the period. To end...

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