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Re: Pi Day

Actually 9:26 on the 53 second. 3.141592653 Actually thats just the 8 digits a calculator shows, it has like 42 more lol. Lol. Pi's decimal representation has no ending and no recurringg pattern that has been proven to date. As of 2013, we've found 10^13 or 13.3 trillions digits of pi. 42 is a bit ...

Re: Pets =D :)

I believe there are a few spiders in my room. When I manage to locate and communicate with them I'll ask their names. If i saw a spider in my room things and runners would e flying every where trying i kill the *******. Even if a web touches me i start to freak out, it's why I was never on during B...

next competition?

I know this is a little off topic from what has been going on, but any date range for next competition? I have never done one as i started shortly after last one but i really wanna see a new one.

makin a druid

Hey all makin a druid and i need to buy/sell a couple of things.
Arcane axe of conquest 380k
golden regen helm 100k

3 mind tabs of granite
stinging swarm
Storming touch

2 haste lixs for 1 sk
1 haste lix for 2 energy lixs
or 1 haste 2k!


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