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Re: Cats or Dogs

Anything under 40lb is considered a cat in my book, and cats cant protect the house. Dogs can. I have both, a cat and a dog, they get along. But id have to say dogs cause they are loyal. While cats only want to be around u wen they want attention. Other times they are just up in a high place or unde...

Re: Is This It for leveling

I'm fine with the grind it boosts demand for plat prices allowing merchs to get there trades executed. From a farmer perspective I think they would like this because when you are a higher lvl and more updates go out there are more places to explore. Take a look at end game right now. How many of th...


One of the guys in my friend clan left clan and took her boss drops from bank -_- Besides killing him is there any other way she can get those drops back :?: Took from bank means he IS the bank or he asked for ALL the drops? In clans the generals and leader usually share the bank so it is only the ...

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