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Re: Cool Video

Stuff I learned from the video that OTM never communicates on forums: ⋅ Android servers and iOS servers are kept apart mainly so they can keep track of Google Store payments alone and Apple Store payments alone. ⋅ A player has played a whooping 300 days of game-time. ⋅ ...

Re: Cats or Dogs

Anything under 40lb is considered a cat in my book, and cats cant protect the house. Dogs can. I have both, a cat and a dog, they get along. But id have to say dogs cause they are loyal. While cats only want to be around u wen they want attention. Other times they are just up in a high place or und...

Re: April fools

Ok so my friends went on ifunny (which i dont use) and u can insert ur friends name and city into something and it creates a website (same website for everyone who was pranked) and the website said i broke the record for watching 155 days worth of PopcORN and i win a vip pass for different PopcORN w...

Re: When do i group lvl?

tbh as a mage you never need to group lvl. It is more interesting when you are just grinding on mobs to have someone to do it with but you will very rarely find a group where you get same or more exp on a lix than when solo. Depends how bored you get with grinding. Good luck D5 I actually enjoy gri...

Re: History debate

UziTheLearned wrote:Roman because deep deep dish pizza is vital to life.

I actually dont think it was rome or anywhere in italy that invented pizza. I forgot the country but the soldiers would put dough, sauce and cheese on their shields and bake it as a meal.

Re: Why CH is NOT pay to win

I agree that this game is not pay to win. There are ways around everything. Also if ur server has a trustworthy person that dices, u could use that as a gamble to get some money. I dont reccomend that tho.

Anyways u dont need lixs, u can lvl up to endgame without lixs if u have patience.

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