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Re: Highest shards and bolt?

It just like you said Mortal, all depends on gear. I normally use edl aura but when switch over to occult, hrung helm, and fire bolt boosting gear... I get 8.5k-9.3k normal bolt and storm hits. From what I know Raved has full dg right? that significantly boosts shard damage and gives lot of focus an...

Re: What is better?

Laplace wrote:
The7thSon wrote:Depends on play style. If you're bossing, then double. If you're leveling, riposte. In my opinion, double isn't worth it unless you have a mord spear.

instead of it i will use necro or gelebron dagger.

Haha xD

Re: Blood rings

Got only 1 godly blood, and total of 5 godly rings in total in sulis, have killed quite a large number of necro BTW are we the only server without void necro dagger? Only 3 void mord spears as well, and only 4 void skulls till the date..... Guess we r the unluckiest server in iOS or entire CH. :cry:...

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