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Re: Update 1+

Is legacy bosses permanent? and were there any tweaks done to gele other than xtal timer change? we tried gele(this was first attempt since update) with 28 ppl today and our bashers were saying the interval between when he says "casting barrier" to shield being casted was quicker than our ...


I think this has been asked previous times but wanted a answer from OTM... What's the point of banning one toon over another? Just cuz one toon got reported by peeps from rival clans and the other didn't get reported... Either ban all bought toons or leave them alone...

Re: Rolling For Raid Drops

We roll for some of the event lower tier drops that will probably just end in a bank anyway. The overhead of DKPing low tier ring drops is too much of a pain. This event we are rolling for quite a few things :-/ Or just store garbo items in the bank and "lend" them out to growing alts or ...

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