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Re: Proteus

we have killed about 20-30(not sure exact amount) base since pureness update on base... Not a single pureness has dropped from base idk about rivals but likely they didnt get any either. (proteus goes down on spawn)

Re: Gelebron kills?

Sulis has in total killed 3 times.. it hasn't gone down in 2 months... our last attempt was 2 weeks ago and managed to get it 75% with 28 ppl.. really hard to get right amount of people in these small servers... also i don't think every server has killed it yet

Re: Proteus

Seriously wth so proteus base was killed 2:39 pm EST (10/18/2016) and according to muldar I thought timer was 19h-21h around... so when I logged to park my rogue there I see rival killing prime and it shouldn't be due... from my guess it spawned 10:30am EST (10/18/2016)... so now what's the timer hu...

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