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Re: Gelebron idea

I have no idea if this has been done or can be done. But would it be possible for all xtals to be frozen for the whole duration of the gelebron fight? Thus removing the whole xtal runs part of the raid. Could work (unless u have griefers breaking ur freeze on xtals) but like others said best is to ...

Re: Gelebron's shield

MrScar wrote:I think someone must have used fissure. You cant kill his shield

Not possible. We have one rogue assigned as Xtal Cap and he keeps all runes and fissures and he said he never used any fissures

Gelebron's shield

So does Gelebron's shield only break after using shield fissures or it can be broken by dealing X amount of damage while he's shielded. I noticed on our last kill we didn't use any fissures but he shielded once but the shield broke in under 5 secs.

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