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Re: Alt gearing [Doch Gul]

I can completely understand gearing alts, as it can sometimes be more beneficial for clan... Why gear some semi-active main over ultra active player(who multi logs to help clan at every boss).. He/she burns through double or triple the plat compared to other to get same reward? Also as for gear goin...

Re: Impossible to log

Same thing happened on my devices yesterday (doesn't go further than loading screen). others seem to log in fine but when I got the call for 215, couldn't log for 5 mins and by the time i logged in it was already down.

Re: Ideas on 220+ mobs

I pass on more leveling. Level cap is fine as it is now, but I'd love to see new content and bosses added to the game. Introduction of Proteus and Gelebron was a big hit (loot, not so much but battle are very fun and engaging)

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