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Re: Game

ImMinecraftMike wrote:Yes it happened before the servers used to be in the USA might still be so, but after a few hours it was fixed :)

Only thing is it'll be a few hours before VR guys even wake up :lol: and if will be Sunday morning there. So they weren't even planning to go into work today.

Re: What happened to Avalon?

Hey Songz, good to see ya bud. I see. Suppose Raid Gear was always how they stayed ahead. Musta been pissed that they were able to lose to store-bought gear. I stopped playing the game for a while and stopped using the Forums pretty much altogether. Rhiannon is not what it once was and is no longer...

Re: What happened to Avalon?

Anything happen? Or just lost the desire to be the best? A shame to see one of the great clans of Celtic Heroes drop off. Well in late 2017 they lost for 6 months straight from a clan with shop gear when they had raid gear and DG. They haven't been anything special since then. Maybe 5 prot kills an...

Re: Godly BT Drops

Hey I'm just wondering how many godly bt drops do you guys have we have 3 at the moment: Godly riposte ring, Godly rupture ring and this ammy. https://i.postimg.cc/WzFpG3PZ/mmexport1550806696056.jpg After like 80 kills in morrigan we only have 2 godly items. Ice misc and a lighting strike ring.

Re: Cannot connect to server

Is there anyways we can get a quality of life update anytime soon? Idc if it's little fixes here and there. I tried to get my wife to play this past week after I FINALLY got her to try playing again. She told me the game was too slow to move and do things to even play leisurely. Low-key that hurt m...

Re: Cannot connect to server

Morrigan is having troubles as well. I myself tried logging in for about 30 minutes with no luck. It's happened the past few days for me and is getting worse and worse. I've tried different devices, wifi, data, hotspot, and still no luck. I tried clearing cache from the game as well. Multiple clan m...

Re: Blossom leveling Quest

https://i.postimg.cc/bJdYb03J/E096837-F-DAFC-4-B07-9955-53-FF42027472.jpg Can you still get to level 190 with the blossoms quest from level 180? Yes but it’s far far slower. 181+ you receive XP drop off. Sadly VR removed it going to 200 because levelling isn’t hard enough as it is I'm not mad about...

Re: Any event planned?

mckenna wrote:How about 4x spawn rate for Prot and Gele over the weekend?

GEEZE! Lol tbh I wouldn't mind. It would definitely be nice for the EU timezones to be able to do more geles for my clan.

Honestly spawn window should be cut by 24 hours at least. That's way to long to be camping for a boss imo.

Re: Best DPS Ammy

Runic valour Ammy except when ur 225 then wyldshrine sun is op :lol: :lol: :lol: On a serious note now tho: Godly BT ammy > runic ammy > imperial BT ammy > stargem storm ammy > royal BT ammy > wyld sun ammy Agreed. This is purely on DPS. I myself would use royal/imp BT ammy at primes and geles with...

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