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Re: Hellsteed mount thread

After obtaining the first tier, I will suggest: Increase the movement speed so it's on par or faster than spirit mounts. Change the skill so that it's ranged - just like dragon skill. Increase the damage. Thanks for considering. It is very underwhelming for sure, and not being able to compete with ...

Re: Hellsteed mount thread

See the information posted in the Patch Notes about the mount: ⋅ Hellsteed Skill: Hellfire - a short-ranged AoE that does 30/60/120/240/360/480 heat damage to all enemies within 10m of your target and sets them on fire for several seconds. ⋅ Hellsteed Stat Bonus: Strength, Dexte...

Shadow Patch Notes/Update

Hey VR can we get the Shadow patch notes too? I'd love to see what other stuff that was changed that you didn't tell us about.

All in all, not a fan of update. Hope to see an event quest added soon too.

What's everyone else's take on update? Notice any shadow patches?

Re: Samhain is arriving!

that'd be pretty cool, same weapon skin too if they ever do that suggestion someone else had They will never do your suggestion, because thats imitating and not original. VR will design a unique and original fashion, no reskinned, no retexture and no imitation. You just have to wait because it will...

Re: We need another arcane carnage event (or similar) before 2020

Pretty straightforward, the last arcane annihilation event provided a relatively significant boost in DG production, giving approximately two months worth of confluxes within a few days. Granted the normal conflux income for a clan that regularly kills gele/Prot on spawn is still incredibly low (re...

Re: Samhain is arriving!

The witch is probably gonna drop crap. I'm assuming it'll drop the same stuff as what gladiator drops now. Nothing good lol. Now if they made it to where it was a farmable fashion item then heck yeah. Thatd be cool. Or a mount. Something useful or fun. Hopefully the mount isn't a battlemount. Hopefu...

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