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Re: Doch gul set

It really is too bad there isn't a resource out there that can help answer this question. What are the stats of the Doch Gul Armour sets? Google is your friend... I agree! I wish someone would make one! I often find myself googling things like Anexander Celtic Heroes... Just hoping... Wishing... Pr...

Re: Xfer

He still has his other 45m in Crom already... 5m is pocket change for Luke!

Re: Xfering Arawn to lugh

Try moving it to Crom with MickJagger (mick something else on Arawn) then find xCarterx or xShawnx and ask them to move it from Crom to Lugh. I'm sure they will want more funds on Crom...

Re: Buying

Conceal is horrible use camouflage

I'll take a look and mail u though

Re: Hello Crom ~

Hi SinFear!

Proteus Base is going ok... People aren't super motivated to log in to kill it lately (myself included)

We haven't even discussed Gelebron. Taking necro the day after spawning is proving hard enough

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