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Re: A new crom

Also funny how im there a week and quick was ready to give me full dl before so many other warriors just cause i was the highest level warrior in clan and there was some big idea that i will become the clans main tank??? Quick a guy that plays 2 servers, giving his alt dl weaps before any mains. Is...

Re: Selling ;-)

You're coming at me with this stuff and u want me to smile and give you hugs?

And now I'm two faced? Lol

Re: Selling ;-)

^ Little random but okay. Must be salty from being rejected by us, No Mr Amro, thats a warning to seed :) that a certain someone has sold eg gear in res (was res) on arawn whom is on crom again now, js. Instead of this trivial bs, why don't you pm me armo or nuke? Or keep your rubbish to yourself

Re: So this happened

Inaliel wrote:Hi Muldar, why not make all items sellable @ 100% price to the same vendor for the first 3 days? Would save you guys a lot of support time.

+1 good idea.

It'd be too easy though, not OTMs style :)

We still love you Muldar... It's fun being the meat in the sammich isn't it

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