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A few days ago we got our first Pureness from a proteus! As a result of this BumbleBeee got Duch Gul Handwraps of Myth. Gele doesn't have to be killed to acquire some armour. Good luck everyone on the proteus drops. :-)

Re: soloing?

Best class to solo with is the class you enjoy best. Warrior- strong armour and nice self buffs (proc stance and defensive form) and heavy damage skills Mage - slightly harder to solo with but have ice shield, and high damage skills also as mentioned above mages have nice self buffs such as energy b...

Re: Why I left soli

Dem0n wrote:Do you need a tissue or have you finished crying?

Saying stuff like this is proof of a losing argument. You may think you got one over but everyone can see through the façade. :-) Too bad people are blinded by the lies.

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