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Re: Druid Kills

Has a Druid ever gotten kill on Mordris, Necromancer, 210/6s, or Proteus? If so, I'm curious what gear you used and what build. Most classes get kill on the end game bosses due to divine damage gear (Mages have their book, rogues, Rangers, and warriors have the armour auras and offhand divine damag...

Re: Druid Kills

Key to kills is nature magic gear and magic lure. A Druid for a Mord killer on Gwydion though this. A maxed out magic lure would help for sure, although I have my doubts you were present when the Druid got the kill lol. I got kill on Mordris against 2 dl rondels, 2 rangers with dl quiver on my dps ...

Re: Pureness

Maybe OTM are giving us a chance to combine edl and this new armour. Both are very different and useful in different situations. With edl you gain armour, skill points and resisits whereas with the new armour you gain stat points, aura(when set is completed) and attack. The new armour for warriors g...


A few days ago we got our first Pureness from a proteus! As a result of this BumbleBeee got Duch Gul Handwraps of Myth. Gele doesn't have to be killed to acquire some armour. Good luck everyone on the proteus drops. :-)

Re: soloing?

Best class to solo with is the class you enjoy best. Warrior- strong armour and nice self buffs (proc stance and defensive form) and heavy damage skills Mage - slightly harder to solo with but have ice shield, and high damage skills also as mentioned above mages have nice self buffs such as energy b...

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