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Re: Gelebron is Being Abused

Well from what legends said to begin with he made it sound like only our clan was using the bug exploit I wasn't manipulating anything only making him see that we're not the only ones using this you should be more than aware one of your members did it to us, before he did we where just messing with...

Re: Gelebron is Being Abused

No it's called escalating when you decide to take it one step further & are the first clan to employ solid interference tactics messing with the raid while Clan B has it in progress. I don't really know what your trying to prove here to be honest, I mean it would be nice if OTM can fix what is ...

Xfer from gwy

Looking for a small xfer here. I have plenty of low level gear in gwy. Looking for Druid items to xfer or buy.

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