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Re: Dead servers

Kaliset wrote:Zskill you add nothing to the forums but nonsense everytime. You live in your own world and don't understand anything. But you act like you know everything. Please leave forums.

+1, how does this troll keep getting unbanned?
Doesn’t bring anything positive to forums ever.

Re: Toxic of Sulis Dino Kill

Total. Before today Multiple on nuada, none on sulis. Toxic walks in, never attempted dino before as a clan but has players from Nuada who downed it 3 days prior but with different toons with different gear capabilities... kills in 2 tries. Some strategy you have there lol. Must make dino a cake wa...

Re: Toxic of Sulis Dino Kill

We have players who play sulis and nuada, I have 3 EG toons on nuada and 1 on sulis. This isn’t sketchy that we both killed as we had many people from both kills.
Nuada’s banning only got rid of people who didn’t think, these are the kind of people you need to stay away from Dino.

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