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Re: Why some people hate me?

If his guides are not stickied does it really matter? It will sink out of sight pretty fast. If TheShop is really 11 then I think it's great he wants to have a go. Plenty of people (including myself) give stupid advice on the forums so what is one more going to hurt. You go Glen Coco...I mean TheSh...

Re: This is getting insane.

Ahahaha, you want the host to ask people is they have enough cash to dice??? Not to sound like an *** here, but here's a tip, don't gamble your stuff away if you want it back after a loss. I can almost positively say that if it was your friend that won and took the all hosts gold he wouldn't give it...

Re: How important are abilities??

Wand is not really important unless you are going to be using it in boss fights, ice and fire will help add damage to your skills, but the other stuff (warding etc) will just help you evade certain attacks I think. Sorry for the short answer, I am not too sure on this subject. Hopefully one of the g...

Re: Changing worlds

Cyrux wrote:Does the fact that our characters can be copied over from our home world to the beta servers mean that there's hope for server changes in the future?

It makes sense, but you really need to look at the downside to server xfers, such as the economy etc.

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