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Re: Increasing fash and mounts

Elfylolz wrote:
Death Dealer wrote:
Elfylolz wrote:Lir is lacking in mounts and cash too

Donn server on Android is dying too.

Allotta ppl from lir are moving there

Huh, well maybe we can get an economy going again, because no one is buying or selling hardly anything.

Re: Mount increase?

Mounts have almost become a necessity when you reach a certain level, personally I think there should be more leystones if otm wanted more players, when someone starts normally they don't have the gold to afford a mount so this would make it less off putting when they first start, which could and p...

Re: Ruining Gelebron fight?!

This happens on both sides, its a long time rivalry. I've never even seen gelebron and I've had high levels from Concordia show up when I'm lixing and kill everything so I cant, hound me in arena, so of course I have done likewise and returned the favor, a eye for a eye. I don't come on here and pl...

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