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Re: Another weapon from dhino killed after reset today on Arawn

Smellyunder wrote:
Zkills wrote:
Smellyunder wrote:Any server has gotten a dagger from dhino? Can post pic? Thanks,

The database has infinite daggers

Keen to see how the weapon looks on the toon

Same I hope everyone posts every weapon from every dhino kill with screenshots too! I want to see them all :)

Re: CH future?

I'm pretty new and really enjoy the game but as I read many of your posts here, I am scared to spend money because many of you make it sound like this game is pretty much over. As veterans you should be promoting instead of tearing it down. I would love to buy chests, but is there a point? Where is...

Re: Lets make Epona 2

There’s like 11 pages here and I haven’t read any of it but I’m pretty sure I’m not missing anything important lol Free server best! No Dom server best! Free server best! Dom server! Free server! Duck season! Rabbit season! https://media2.giphy.com/media/yPG6YsKgTDBE4/giphy.gif?cid=4d1e4f29e77b0394...

Re: Is sharing accs allowed ?

Yes you are allowed to share account but first you have to pm difinitus that the accounts are shared in world, levels, names, and different real life locations that the people are sharing the account from.. then and only then u can share account with someone else, good luck ;)

Re: Another weapon from dhino killed after reset today on Arawn

I mean it’s the only logical way to think about it and any game developers that actually cared would easily agree. A very similar event occurred in WoW during a first server kill on the Lich King (25 man raid, using an exploit to remove a serious mechanic from the raid, making it a lot easier) http...

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