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Re: I got a question..

Curry30423 wrote:
Gazz wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:Ikrs.-. Everyone only listen to nubs liek acid._.

Lmao and that embers toon

Yeh embers a newb I heard he quit

Noo he has my white spooky hunter boots... okay not mine but i wanted to buy

Re: New ranger

I don't understand why u ppl claim to know the rangers class and yet u keep recommending sharpen weapons skill ??? Why would anyone want to use sharpen weapons over steady aim is a mystery to me. So all in all steady is way better than sharpen. Obviously u missed the part where I say "sharpen ...

Re: New ranger

Going strong with a dex build at the moment. (SharpShot, DoubleShot, BarbedShot and a heal) You think barbed shot is wortH using??? People I speak to say that it is not so good so just wondering your thoughts on that also :?: I use barbed shot on my 165 ranger mainly because I dont use rapid shot a...

Re: Double shot

I personally don't use it because of prefering longshot to pin. Bear in mind a lot of the time doing 6*s there is only 1 or 2 rangers and the pin is useful if we both miss. Maybe i will experiment on doubleshot over longshot when more rangers emerge. I see both sides of the argument here, personally...

Re: I got a question..

Yeah i got an attack/def hrung brace i switch depending on what im doing but you can take it if you dont have a hrung bracelet, i can get another in the future when everyone is geared more

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