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Re: Rangers.... A Dying Breed?!

Ranger class is amazing. I'd even go so far as to say if you believe otherwise, you don't know what you're talking about :) +1 to this id like to see any other class solo some of the stuff we solo without noob pots! For example my ranger could solo 6* 100 obe at level 177 quite easily. Any other cl...

Re: Str

I tell rangers i know now to get there dex up to around 1k defence, double level in vit and put and keep putting rest in str. The defence reason is gives u a little more dodging vs auto and also its good for your skills. I say double vit but currently mine is sitting roughly at 580 or so to give me ...

Re: Skills?

He cant be a better end game ranger if he uses double shot with no strength

162 ranger - fingals

Re: Rapid shot

Rapid is my Main SKILL I max it with a +6 and a +4 ring It lasts until half cooldown Im lvl 122 Very good skill My suggestion is to not rely solely on rapid shot but atleast 1-2 more skills that will do damage in a more short time and secure lock Rapid shot is my backup skill, focusing on longshot ...

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