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Re: Giveaway Competition!

Btw at a first glance as nyk said, because there is no clear method it does look like a get rich quick scam. Not sayin it is btw bc i know ya, but others dont know u and read this same as me. Add some method and rules in and u might get it to take off. P.s ur fingals lottery gold needs paying asap :)

Re: Giveaway Competition!

Riight so its a profit based lottery, i understand now. How are you drawing the number or winner? I still dont get the system or rules except drop some gold in and wait for u to get back to us. A month is quite a long time btw. Im not askin about trust or anything else. I just wanna know the actual ...

Re: Excited

The legendary hero Fingal has returned! Now give us dl pieces u tight *%#%!!!

Re: Giveaway Competition!

Silentblade72 wrote:just coz ur in bane doesnt meanvwe can trust u

I dont trust me, gold is being syphoned from Fingals Lottery to an offshore account. My man at the docks near tavern ships it for me

Re: Giveaway Competition!

Also i actually dont get the rules. Who draws? Why so long? Do you make a profit? Where will results and names be posted? The actual set up is confusing me, the more tickets you buy the less gold you pay, but that means a less prize at the end, meaning the more gold you put in, yes you get more tick...

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