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Re: To Ascension Clanmates

Clans need diversity like this. I like the fact that there is no agreement for this instance only, because it is 2 entirely different systems at work. Different values and ideas that each clan has, so it is different ways of approaching a problem.

Re: Lucid Dreaming

Not lucid dreaming but I had a recurring dream that I had complete control over. It was like reading a series of books. Where the first ended off would continue in the next. And believe it or not, there were 8 parts.

Halloween too short?

With the imminent arrival of October, many people around the world will be preparing for halloween. But I've always felt the spookiest day of the year is too short. It only lasts 1 night, and I feel that has never been enough time for me to fully enjoy something that comes around once a year. Easter...

Re: Ranger guide

New ranger guide, inspired by supadupa's rogue guide. Skills: meditate (meditate and focus on to one point to incrase dps) Defensive spikes (they attack you, they get hurt) Conceal( f camo it takes too long to cast, use conceal to hide quickly) Explosive shot (why damage one mob at a time? Pull em ...

Re: Danu prominent clan list

xxFireMercxx wrote:Unbreak is Good to add lmao got some peeps there, as for China Clan you can't just say most of Chinese community are there. Maybe they aren't Chinese 0.0 as for Kudos it's Eh.

china clan is mostly chinese, see for yourself in game ;)

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