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Str or dex?

As a ranger, would it be better to have an str or dex or hybrid build? Currently I run a hybrid.

Worth playing?

Can someone please tell me some of the perks to playing a rogue rather than the other classes? Please be detailed in answer.

Good stats?

Hi, I'm Eiji, a level 80 ranger on danu. Could someone please tell me if these are good stats?


(got regen items)

Life Steal

Hello,I just started a dex rogue,and I'm wondering if it's worth putting points into Life Steal. Can I have a few opinions here?

Re: Stat build

All the extra vit made the difference in my play style, I can solo giant sewercrawlers,(level 85 4 star enemy) without needing to use a resto over and over again,and it also helps for when I catch boss aggro in fight.

Re: Stat build

My build at Level 76 is 100 str,100 dex,10 focus(with regen of course) and 195 vit. When you are starting out and won't have energy regen,just add focus when you can't solo enemies because you run out of energy too quick.

Re: Danu players, introduce yourself!

Eiji,Lvl 76 Ranger been playing since the summer of 2012,but played for a month then took a 3 month break for the majority of my time here.Used to be in OmegaTriad,Nitro,and Bloods,but now I've joined PreAscension as this clan has many friendly members,allowing for a better gaming experience. Fun fa...

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