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Re: Tower mob levels

Leveling is the best part of this game I have had more fun doing it rather than camping 24/7 also it wouldn't be so hard pushing for 200 if there's more higher lvl mobs to fight, there for it won't take 15-30 lixes per a lvl.

Re: Worlds

Lugh is a great server I'd say probably one of the best servers I have been on, there's no dom clans we all work together and follow a simple rule system if you actually go to the lugh page smartone has posted up a little about our server.

Re: Remember old easy mordy?

Tbh mordy seems the same to me but I tend to avoid hrung at he seems to be harder and the idols you use is unbelievable in my opinion, use to be able to go a whole hrung fight with dieing once or twice on both toons now my rogue sleeps on the ground most of the fight and my mage struggle to stay up.

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