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Re: BT buff incoming

If they didn’t want it killed until 8 weeks later they shouldn’t have added it. Sigh..it’s not like majority of servers would have been able to kill it anyway so fast. Now it’s just impossible for servers that don’t have 50+ people cooperating. Or at least it seems that way. Or it could have been g...

Re: T8 offhands skills

So atleast for the druid offhand, can the myrdins offhand inherit the edl chaos resist (eldritch boon) skill as well? I thought these offhands were meant as an upgrade of edl. Right now you would need to swap back and forth between edl for gelebron for example to cancel the chaos runes. This. Druid...

Re: Thank you OTM.

The big difference would have been made by 210 rings, offhands and braces/ammys. As the bosses get tougher, then all players and not only full edl need a push. The armour is ok but not enough. Personally i dont go to gardens. Find them without purpose. The whole game needs more bosses but the 3 tha...

Re: Celtic Heroes Anniversary

Double plat and gold/bounties or something similar which players of all levels can participate in

Perhaps a competition as well? We had two in relatively quick succession when the feature was released but nothing since. One every month or two would be a good addition.

Re: caviar debuff

@Kitty its actually <100 or so damage difference (4 pierce and 240 dex boost to steady/sharpen or a rogues p wep). I think you mean you went from 900 to 950 using a caviar over bara? So farming caviar is even less rewarding than your post suggests, but good one nonetheless ;) Bottom line is: Baras a...

Re: caviar debuff

I agree both bara and cav are fine as is. You can’t forget that cav is far superior to bara dps-wise because of the boost it gives to dex, especially in exquisite and perfected forms. Even if the pierce the dmg is only a few off between the two, the buff to dex that cav offers more than makes up fo...

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