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Re: Throwback Weekend

Ye during the ios samhain 2013(?) event i didnt have 1m for the reaper ring i wanted... But i do now. Maybe otm should just give me a reaper ring? I also didnt have the money for a sultans carpet back in the day. BUT HEY! I do now! Maybe otm could throw that in as a bonus!!!!??

Re: Back to the old engine...

Thank you for your work but no thank you on how u ruined the game for most 180+ mordris is impossable now and we were so close to necro but after u made bosses 1000% more Hp and damage while you only gave us 1k hp idols its physically impossable to even get anywhere without the whole clan on which ...

Re: Android New Event

AshWilliams wrote:As they posted here:

"We've passed Apple review and will be preparing iOS for launch of the Destiny Engine and Yule on Monday December 8th, with Android to follow later in the week"

It's Friday. How much later in the week can it get?

11:59 pm.-.

Re: Death Penalty

I'm not really an Off-Topic kind of guy, but I've been pondering this question ever since I was in smaller classes reading Victor Hugo's "Le Dernier Jour d'un condamné" and other influential books from that time period. The question is as follows: Why kill someone to show him that he is w...

Re: Death Penalty

Its a good thing imo. If someone has taken someone elses life, why cant they have as a result their life taken from them? How ever, it could be used wrongly, so i am 50/50 on this situation. then again, killing is killing, no matter who u kill lul, so if u kill someone for killing someone else... x...

Re: level up!

Curry30423 wrote:Tanks.-.

idk wut day it is, so may be a day late or smth, but hppy bday._. also wut werld u on? shall mail yew a rooster:) *evil laf*

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