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Re: Scam of the week

Purplelakers wrote:Well beo im pretty sure tranq and anarchy share accounts to

when did this become abt wut THEY did... and just cuz the clan he/she is in shares accts doesnt mean he/she is stupid enuf to do the same

EDIT: is beo even related to those clans in any way? his sig says clan hazard

Re: Aggy Brace

Ara wrote:Why does this sound like ep :?

that, ara, is a good question... it wud b a lot shorter tho if u simply asked, 'r u ep?' ._.

Aggy Brace

Buying an aggy brace that adds 75 strength with +5 to the skill pummel, frenzy or giant swing.

pm me here or mail behshs in game

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