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Re: New event

You can however expect a 25% or maybe a %50 bonus plat sale during early spring if OTM is nice and runs similar sales compared to last year. Also if you are going to buy lixs, only buy as you use, try waiting for a flash sale that will then allow you to purchase them cheaper or in bulk. (same with c...

Re: A Bit About Lugh -Updated-

Thanks for updating this Neero, I noticed you missed a clan, would you mind adding it? Redbranch: Redbranch is a small close-knit clan that is compromised mostly of high level players that work towards helping others of all levels. There is no level req to join, it is discussed on a case-by-case bas...

Re: dear muldar

nice pun:0 ohh and, muldar. he is right, it would be helpful if otm admins, especially the ones that do the help tickets have played the game. In response to my support tickets ive had questions back such as 'there is no ingame item called an xp lix. could you be more specific on the item(s) lost?' ...

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