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Re: Do people do this on purpose?

These are mostly low lvs who dont realize how important knows will be in future levels. They will realize once they are in their 100s that this game works on platinum items for you to go forward. Sad for a free to play mmo rpg. FlashKilla is actually really decked out on our server. His main is a g...

Re: need help

Hi, I recommend what Candies said above. A good build to use is a 2:1:2 str dex vit, so you can rely mainly on your autos. Also use the skills poison wep/Riposte/Qs/Ss. Use 1 of these ATTACK skills per battle so you conserve mana. Use meditste in between fights. :)

Re: Cracking Magic Barrier

It seems that Crystal/Chill has infinite energy. I got a team of rogues and tested this. We had about 6 rogues in the group(levels vary from 110-160), the highest level rogue tanked for us. Once Crystalmist cast his eshield, we all attacked it with max dps. His eshield eventually ran out and we kill...

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