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Re: Hellsteed mount thread

See the information posted in the Patch Notes about the mount Can we get any admin feedback on our feedback regarding the Hellsteed? We appreciate the input on the Hellsteed mount so far! We're still evaluating feedback from the community and reviewing internal data, so I can't definitively say we ...

Re: Witch Dead

Top 5% of players should get the highest rewards, the next 45% of players should get good rewards and the last 50% of players should get gold. Based off damage. Gonna have to enable consumables or it's gonna come down to who happened to be lixed at the right time Casters will have advantage too as ...

Re: Witch Dead

When will we get the rewards? Is it the same waiting time as the cg beta award? Oh my gosh we still don't even have this! :Lol: They never gave the unity update beta rewards either. Difinitus said they would hand them out (can quote it), then when I asked about it again he said he’ll hand deliver i...

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