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Re: Subpar Gear = No Rolls?

I can’t force you to understand what I’ve said, if you really think I’ve repeated excuses? That’s enough for me to know that there is no point in continueing this arguemwnt with you. Or anyone on the server for that matter. We don’t need/want leechers. I wrote the rule book and I got that consensus...

Re: Subpar Gear = No Rolls?

Buy it. Loan it. Whatever, as long as you got it. I’ll clear some questions up regarding the gear requirement decisions we made. 1st- If an amazing item drops, we don’t want someone who wore bad gear and didn’t do their fair share killing the boss to win it. If they were allowed to roll, let’s say ...

Re: Dino since last patch

That’s what makes the raid fun. It changes things up fast. Things can go from good to bad in an instant without the proper precautions. What proper precaution can u take with a offtank being teleported? Or all dps that only effects a certain type off add that explodes and wipes everyone with 800k a...

Re: Dino since last patch

Sly Shadows wrote:Its not hard to just add another 1 or 2 tanks to the raid.

Which defeats the purpose of vr supposedly wanting to limit the amount of toons present. Besides that, how boring is it to be told bring your tank but you prob won't do anything but stare at the screen.

Re: Subpar Gear = No Rolls?

While playing CH I got word that one of my clanmates couldn't get to roll on a drop after a boss fight because he didn’t have a good enough Misc item. This wasn’t an isolated incident as apperently he has been denied this privilege before multiple times. Just wanted to know the logic or justificati...

Re: Morrigan server crashed

Perhaps a free chest or some sort of present for all these resets... worth a shot right? Seriously though the resets are starting to burn members out in both lix and time I think the present is all the extra loot we're getting. But I agree, some of my clan-members are too fatigued to log on or have...

Re: Global Castle feedback

Eragon123 wrote:
Zyz wrote:Everyone should just boycott the castle if you no one likes it and it serves no purpose but to aggravate people due to the lag.

Sounds like a good idea, boycotts always work! :lol:

They do if you get enough people boycotting.

Re: Medical Marijuana

Ya, like I wrote smoking of any substance increases the likelihood of cancer (not just lung cancer) and emphysema due to the nature and toxicity of what smoke is. Even vaping is unknown as to the health effects of it. As to recreational use, there are multiple variances on how one can consume the d...

Re: Medical Marijuana

While yes, the OP is a spam bot (googling their post, you'll find lots of off topic forum links with the same wording), there is a healthy off-topic discussion and bob's impressive reply, I won't lock it and let it continue. Didn't Colorado have great success with allowing recreational use and impo...

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