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Re: Done for good i suppose.

Lightning wrote:I'm confuse. Why does it say my name under the title. lol i didnt make this post.

Once again, the maintenance deleted many of the forum-users posts including CelticVillian's. You were the second person to post something on this topic so thus it is know under your name.

The 2012 Apocalypse Game

As we all know, the ancient Mayan's calendar is ending on December 21st which apperentley causes the world to end. So why not give reasons that support the 2012 apocalypse. You can give any reasons. I'll start off with three. Hostess is closing... The Washington Wizards are on a 3-18 record... Disne...

Forums Issue

After the maintenance for the forums, I try to view some of the topics and for every single topic i click on it says it does not exist. This is really annoying since I need to get my daily dose of Celtic Heroes Forum juice.

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