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Re: Music

pigman wrote:It bothers me that the only dre songs you have are his mainstreamed singles...

I'm not a big fan of albums, i'm the type of guy that only gets the songs that I like from the radio or Billboard Hot 100.

Re: Music

5:19 Jai Ho A. R. Rahman Foreign 3 3:51 Dancing Queen ABBA Disco 4 4:01 Knowing Me Knowing You ABBA Disco 4 3:33 Mamma Mia ABBA Disco 2 4:56 The Winner Takes It All ABBA Disco 2 3:08 Money Money Money ABBA Disco 4:50 Gimme Gimme Gimme ABBA Disco 3:29 Highway to Hell ACDC Rock 3:38 Rock N Roll Damnat...

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